To help you better understand the structure and function of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, you must create a 3-D model of a cell.

Here is a complete explanation about your cells, and how they compare to a more primitive cell type, the prokaryotes.

The Eukaryotic Cell

Your labeled cell model and organelle descriptions are due the first week of January. See your teacher for a specific date.

Below is the cell model rubric. Please make sure you use your rubric to complete your project. If you don't you may be missing organelles.

Each organelle in the rubric needs to have a complete description handed in with the model.

Below are your resources, which MUST be cited to avoid plagerizing:

Notes taken from the video we watched in class
A copy of the 7.3 Eukaryotic Cell Structure packet (this is SIMILAR to your text 3.2)

A chapter from a textbook about cells (it is protected and cannot be copied or printed)

4. A link to a great resource, Cells Alive (please note, you must follow YOUR rubric for the cell model)

5. A link to Cell City Analogies (please note, you must follow YOUR rubric for the cell model)