This unit will prepare you to use the classroom microscopes and help explain how it works.
There are 4 assignments in this unit.
1. Save or print the webquest below (save to your h:/ and email, or print out and hand in)

The worksheet you just saved has clues underlined . Carefully, read your worksheet, then read over the links on the webpage, you will be able to find the specific pages necessary to complete your 'quest.

Hand in your webquest when you are finished, but first, read over it and make sure you have followed all the directions.

Here is the site to use for your webquest or through
Videos and Animations with information about the Scanning Electron Microscope, the Light Microscope and Careers in Microscopy can be found at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's Virtual Microscope Site.
2. Complete the labs for the unit:

If you are not in class the day we do these labs, here are some images to use.
Onion skin cells stained with iodine at 100x
Cork cells magnified 400x

3. Study the Vocabulary you need to understand in order to pass the quiz.
Light Microcope
Electron Microscope (know both SEM and TEM)
membrane-bound organelle
ALSO you should know the contributions of the following people

4.Finally, check out this power point, or read pages 175-180 in the Blue (old) textbook. If you choose to complete questions 1 and 2 on page 179 and questions 1-4 on page 180 I will grade them for credit.

Once you have completed the webquest and have studied the material, you take the quiz on The Discovery of Cells