Why should we be made to study Biology in school? By the time you reach high school, many students have already decided that a career in science - either as a nurse, midwife, doctor, EMT, researcher, teacher, pharmacist, forensic technician, aesthetician (just to name a few) - is not for them. However, you are a member of society and as such, you will need to understand your role as a decision maker.

During this unit, we look at the science of stem cells. The media has not done a very good job of educating people about the misinformation about stem cells. In fact, most of the important ethical information about stem cells, for example that adults have stem cells, and that living embryos are incinerated if they are not adopted is not widely known by members of society.

First we watch a documentary about several people who have been the recipients of ADULT stem cell transplants. Then, we learn about where embryonic stem cells REALLY come from, and why each have value to patients.

You will learn how many societial decisions are made each day about science, and how scientists depend on society to know what is right, and what is wrong.

Visit the website for the video to read the transcript.

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